Myopia Management

What is Myopia?

Elongation of the eye that causes nearsightedness. This change happens over time, usually during a person’s childhood. Myopia also greatly elevates the risk of developing ocular diseases like Retinal Detachment, Myopic Maculopathy, Glaucoma and Cataracts. 

What does Myopia Management do?

Myopia Management permanently slows the progression of myopia in children. This creates permanently smaller prescriptions and lifetime reduced risk of vision loss. There is a limited window for this treatment to be effective and must be utilized during a time when the child’s eyes are still changing. The earlier the intervention the better.

Why manage myopia in children?

The short-term benefit of slowing myopia progression is that a child’s prescription will change less quickly, giving them clearer vision for longer between eye examinations. The long-term benefit is reducing the lifetime risk of eye disease and vision impairment. Although the risk increases as myopia does, the good news is that reducing the final level of myopia by only 1 diopter reduces the lifetime risk of myopic macular degeneration by 40% and the risk of vision impairment by 20%.

Treatments for slowing myopia progression

Standard, single-focus long distance spectacles or contact lenses do not slow down the progression of childhood myopia. Instead, specific types of spectacles, contact lenses and eye drops called atropine have been proven to slow myopia progression in children. Starting this treatment as early as possible will yield the greatest results.

Our History Managing Myopia

Meridian Eyes has been managing myopia in children for 2 years.  Our treatment plan was designed with input from the most impactful myopia management programs from around the world. We have refined our treatment plan to be effective for our patients and efficient for their parents. Multiple treatment options allow their parents to make the best treatment decisions for them and their family. We offer free consultations for parents who would like to learn more about myopia management.


If you are ready to help your child avoid myopia progression, call us to schedule an exam.